7 advantages of Moodle for corporate e-learning management

LMS means Learning Management System. It’s a decisive tool to structure corporate e-learning education, especially when there’s a lot of content and numerous employees involved.

One of these systems is Moodle, a simple and affordable platform. It allows you to manage your user base, supervise learning, and build future projects.

Check out the 7 main advantages of Moodle for corporate e-learning management:


  1. Free software

Moodle is open source. That means users and admins can run, share, and make changes in the system without having to request prior authorization.

  1. Cost-benefit

It’s free. There is no need to pay licensing fees to use Moodle. That allows you to direct your investments towards customization catering to your needs.

  1. Flexibility and creation of additional resources

There are hundreds of customization plug-ins. They allow you to add features, increase interactivity, and generate collaborative learning. Such plug-ins are continuously developed by a community of thousands of developers all around the world.

  1. Simple, intuitive navigation

User always first. Moodle’s interface is simple, friendly and user-centered. These are essential aspects to allow access of all audiences with various profiles.

  1. Available on-line and off-line

It can be accessed on-line or off-line. In the on-line mode, Moodle allows you to access resources, reports, and statistics in real time. In the off-line mode, it allows you to download its resources first, so that they can be run in any place, at any time, with any device, with or without access to the internet.

  1. Centralized, interactive learning

Resources are diversified and centralized in a single location. Moodle allows you to use all multimedia formats: texts, videos, audio, games, and several other interactive formats. Everything is centralized in a single location, available for your entire team.

  1. Managerial reports

Total visibility of statistics and results. Get managerial reports and metrics to supervise and know exactly what’s going on. With Moodle, you know exactly which learner used which resource and when that happened.


Now you know that Moodle is a complete, democratic platform that offers flexibility and security. It’s the ideal LMS for you to ensure the best results in your e-learning courses.

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